Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Duplicate report

When I was working with the reports for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, once I have had a problem. Maybe not once, but this was something ridiculous. I have found that my report is too big and when I was trying to deploy my report I have had some ridiculous errors. When I was adding new Report Desing or even one more table in existing Design I have got the errors. I have had to add a few reports design more so I had to find the solution. I thought that the solution is pretty simple: duplicate the report, delete all of old design and create new ones. There is even the option to duplicate the report by default, but I have found that this is not working, or working in specific scenarios. After duplicating I have a lot of error with Parameters and when I made an order with Parameters error I have an error with BusinessLogic. The second attempt was to create a report from the scratch, but when I was trying to point the Data Method Library to “SalesInboiceReport.BusinessLogic” I have had an error that there is no class in the Business Login for my new report. Finally I have found the solution. It’s ridiculous and funny, but here is the recipes and it does the job.

First of all open your existing Report Project. In Visual Studio: Visual Studio Projets > Dynamics AX Model Projects and your report project. In this case it will be SalesInvoiceReport. After that click on the Project and choose Add > Report.

You can change the name as you wish.

The upset thing is that you need to configure the report data and the parameters on your own, but it will not take you more than few minutes. First of all add new Datasets. Just like in the original report.

Than you need to make sure that all of your parameters are configured correctly. So change the name if it differs from the original report and make sure that the parameter properties are set in the same way as the original ones. You can also make sure that the parameters have the same order in both reports.

After that, you are done! You can simply Add your Report to AOT and Compile with no errors. You can even make copy and paste between these two reports to copy the ReportDesign.


To finish the work you may want to delete the new report from existing project to make it clean. You can do that by selecting “Exclude From Project”. Now you are also able to create new project with the new SalesInoice Report. Done!

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    Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Many thanks. 


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