Seequality #1 – Introduction to Query Plans

First seequality session is behind us! We spoke about query plans – i hope you enjoy. Below i attached my presentation for the session. In next week or two i try to upload video that i recorded during the session and some demo files. By the way i would like to invite you to the next session – date: 29.04.2016 time: 15:15 in Katowice in JCommerce HQ. You can choose what session do you want – if want to vote the link is here.  The survey is password protected – if you want to join us online and vote feel free to write to me:



  1. Dung Anh Le

    Hello, i’m working of the MSCA certif and i found that your slide is very interesting.

  2. Dung Anh Le

    And ..could you please share the record of the webinar (if you can)? Thanks in advance,


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